[Bug 217886] xorg fails to init GL on stable/11 because of a devel/libdevq bug(?)

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Thu Mar 30 19:28:23 UTC 2017


--- Comment #21 from Matthew Rezny <rezny at freebsd.org> ---
(In reply to Jan Beich (mail not working) from comment #19)

Thank you for confirming that.

I need to check with DragonFly to see if the MAJOR_ID is correct for them, in
which case I'd like to keep the explicit define to 0, or if they are in the
same situation as us in which case the default to 0 makes more sense. Either
way, I would like to make the value for Linux explicit instead of the default.
That detail wil get worked out in time. Since I did some refactoring to add
support for our platform, I expect that upstream will want me to split this
work into a series of patches and there may be some addition refactoring for
their acceptance. Of course I'd like wider testing, as in from all users of
ports, before I begin the upstreaming process.

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