Great to see all this work towards LLVM 4.0 & latest Mesa!

Doug Kirk dbkirk at
Wed Mar 29 22:00:35 UTC 2017

I built & installed 12-current from drm-next with only LLVM 4 installed,
and then most of the (installed) ports from xserver-next-mesa-udev, mixing
some of the non-graphics installs using the standard pkg repo.

That went very well, and was 2 weekends ago.

Then last weekend I built Mesa 17.0.2 (d/l'd directly from with
LLVM 4, and had several issues but worked through them (possibly
not-quite-correctly since I don't usually work in this code-space). It'll
be nice to compare the (certainly more-correct) patches I've seen today to
the changes I made to get Mesa to compile.

However, I have a running 12.0-CURRENT with Wayland+Weston, thus far using
the Gallium llvmpipe driver on a Skylake i5 6500 system with i915kms
loaded, at 1920x1200 over DVI-D. It uses ~800MB RAM with only a term and
ZFS running on 8GB RAM total. (only 8M "active" according to top (!), with
>300MB for the ZFS ARC).

It sleeps and wakes the monitor on Weston's screensaver timeout, but on
resume from "acpiconf -s 3" the screen isn't displayed correctly. I haven't
started to troubleshoot this yet to find more info.

I've been searching for clues on how to make Wayland (Gallium?) use
hardware rendering, but can't seem to find an answer. I did compile Gallium
with i965 enabled.

It'd really be nice for somebody knowledgeable to make a diagram that shows
how all the different pieces in graphics-land fit together (DRI, GL, KMS,
Gallium, VAAPI, libThis, libThat, etc.) Then I could make sensible choices
about what to configure/compile for my system. (I'd included VDPAU support
only to discover later that I will never use it).

The only other thing I've noticed so far is warnings about not being able
to load certain mouse-cursor resources (images). Could be I need to install
something else, but that's nowhere near my highest priority.

Thanks everyone for all your hard work!


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