CFT: update Xorg to 1.19.3

Andrea Venturoli ml at
Tue Mar 28 06:56:26 UTC 2017

On 03/16/17 18:50, Matthew Rezny wrote:
> The time has come for the next update of Xorg. All the drivers were readied
> for the new ABI during the previous update so no new drivers are needed, just
> be sure to rebuild all the drivers after upgrading xorg-server.
> Changes in 1.19 include threaded input support and improvements to the
> modesetting driver and GLAMOR. There are also a few local changes of note.
> * The devd config backend has been updated to handle /dev/hidX and
> /dev/input/eventX devices as provided by webcamd.
> * An experimental option is now provided for a third config backend, udev,
> which is the replacement for HAL upstream, but using libudev-devd.
> * The SUID option has been changed to install a setuid wrapper, to which
> /usr/local/bin/X points, instead of making /usr/local/bin/Xorg setuid. This
> allows Xorg to be launched as a non-root user, useful if it will not be
> interfacing hardware (e.g. virtual framebuffer in jail, with xpra, etc). There
> is no difference for non-root users running startx as it executes X, which
> points to the setuid wrapper.
> Please test and reply to this list with your feedback.

Just updated a Radeon i386 box and bumped into this:

After I applied the suggested config change, everything seems to work 
fine; so far (10 minutes), so good.

Perhaps this should be mentioned in an eventual UPDATE entry?

I'll come back if I encounter any later glitch.

  bye & Thanks

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