[Bug 218153] x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel Undefined symbol "fbPolySegment"

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Mon Mar 27 19:08:15 UTC 2017


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log file with the error

Here are the requested files. The "fb" and "vgahw" modules are mandatory for
the "intel" driver to load without -- regardless of the config-option (UXA or
SNA) it was compiled with.

> SNA has its own fbPolySegment

Yes (the sfbPolySegment). But the shared object would not load without "fb" --
because the fbPolySegment symbol will be unresolved anyway.

> Did portupgrade rebuild all xf86-* ports after xorg-server?

Not sure about the order of the upgrade, but all were upgraded. And then I
manually rebuilt both xf86-video-intel (with different options) and xorg-server
by hand.

Of all the binaries in xorg-server's WRKSRC, the symbol fbPolySegment is only
provided by libfb.so -- it really is not that hard to confirm. So the module
needs to be loaded... I guess, it was implied before, and needs to be explicit
now :-/

I am surprised, you can not reproduce this problem locally...

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