[Bug 217886] xorg fails to init GL on stable/11 because of a devel/libdevq bug(?)

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Sat Mar 25 08:33:18 UTC 2017


--- Comment #3 from holindho at saunalahti.fi ---
(In reply to Matthew Rezny from comment #2)

Good to hear it's getting replaced. Tracing the code from gbm/EGL down to
libdevq revealed plenty of duplicated fragile looking code that attempts to
figure out the device / bus ids.

The root cause of why I'm seeing the problem and many others are not seems to
be in the ACPI parser in the kernel. Apple's firmware is probably a little
broken and hands out weird PCI bus entries which, for instance, Linux seems to
skip as invalid, but FreeBSD takes them in, creating an inconsistent PCI device

However, libdevq's parsing that the patch addresses still seems to me as broken
as the first form does not appear valid at all on 11.0 systems (which just fall
back to the older parsing method). I can live with my local patch, though,
until a better libdrm emerges.

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