Can't configure Intel video card: hard freeze or fallback to VESA

Nicolas Kovacs info at
Fri Mar 24 15:23:51 UTC 2017

Le 23/03/2017 à 18:05, Stephan Feinen a écrit :
> I had a similar problem last week. After an update, the intel driver stopped
> working and xorg used the vesa driver instead.
> I then found out that the i915kms wasn't loaded automatically anymore.
> All how-to articles warned "do not add the module to loader.conf, because a failure
> may render your system inoperable. Instead add the module to /etc/rc.conf".
> I tested the module with kldload and it worked, so I added the module to rc.conf
> ("kld_list="i915kms") and everything was fine.

After two long days of experimenting, it seems like I finally found the

There are two distinct Intel drivers in /boot/kernel: i915 and i915.kms.

Loading i915kms on that machine (at any time) leads to an instant system

The plain i915 driver loads fine, on the other hand.

X starts perfectly, even without the slightest configuration stub.

Thanks everybody for your help.

Cheers from the rainy South of France,


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