Status of Intel Broadwell GPU Support??

Pete Wright pete at
Thu Mar 23 22:55:19 UTC 2017

On 03/23/2017 15:35, Thomas Mueller wrote:
>>> On 03/23/17 00:38, Thomas Mueller wrote:
>>>> and used freebsd-base-graphics for both buildword and buildkernel. I'm not too
>>>> clear on just what that means for any future updates, though. I have been
>>>> hoping for the past year or more that the patches/changes included in
>>>> freebsd-base-graphics would get integrated into the base. I really don't know
>>>> if that's happened or planned to be done. Been kinda frustrating.
>>> Bob
>>> I look further and see that you need a slightly different ports tree:
>>> but I think you need to put -b xserver-next at the end of the git command (and git at the beginning).
>>> Then such a FreeBSD installation would have to be separate from an installation that uses regular src tree and ports tree, lest the ABI and shared libraries be out of sync.
>> Hrm, I think the wiki is out of date, or unclear, in regards to the separate
>> ports tree.  As of the latest Xorg updates which brought us up to v1.18 this
>> is not necessarily needed. i am running drm-next kernel+world and installing
>> all packages off of the pkg repository with success.  this ports
>> tree should still work, but is no longer a hard requirement - i'll block out
>> some time to update the wiki today.
>> -pete
>> Pete Wright
> I believe, freebsd-ports-graphics would be mostly the same as regular ports tree except for category x11?
> I see (NetBSD) pkgsrc is already up to v1.19.3 for modular-xorg-server, but don't think pkgsrc would successfully mix with freebsd-base-graphics.
> I don't want to keep two ports trees if there is no advantage in so doing.
> Tom

IIRC that branch was originally created to test out drm-next while we 
were waiting for the upstream FreeBSD ports tree to import xorg-1.18.x 
and the updated GL and DRI bits.  So I think the hard requirement for a 
non-official ports tree on drm-next is no longer needed.


Pete Wright
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