Can't configure Intel video card: hard freeze or fallback to VESA

Stephan Feinen stephan at
Thu Mar 23 17:05:53 UTC 2017

Am 23.03.2017 um 17:27 schrieb Nicolas Kovacs:

> Then I edited /boot/loader.conf (which is empty in the default
> configuration) and added these two lines:
> kern.vty=vt
> i915kms_load="YES"

I had a similar problem last week. After an update, the intel driver stopped
working and xorg used the vesa driver instead.

I then found out that the i915kms wasn't loaded automatically anymore.
All how-to articles warned "do not add the module to loader.conf, because a failure
may render your system inoperable. Instead add the module to /etc/rc.conf".

I tested the module with kldload and it worked, so I added the module to rc.conf
("kld_list="i915kms") and everything was fine.

> I rebooted, and after the first few boot messages, the monitor went
> black and the system froze. I have to hard-reset it. I don't even know
> how to get it back short of reinstalling from scratch.

> Any suggestions?


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