Status of Intel Broadwell GPU Support??

Bob Willcox bob at
Thu Mar 23 12:25:52 UTC 2017

On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 07:38:21AM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> >
> > and used freebsd-base-graphics for both buildword and buildkernel. I'm not too
> > clear on just what that means for any future updates, though. I have been
> > hoping for the past year or more that the patches/changes included in
> > freebsd-base-graphics would get integrated into the base. I really don't know
> > if that's happened or planned to be done. Been kinda frustrating.
> > Bob
> I look further and see that you need a slightly different ports tree:
> but I think you need to put -b xserver-next at the end of the git command (and git at the beginning).
> Then such a FreeBSD installation would have to be separate from an installation that uses regular src tree and ports tree, lest the ABI and shared libraries be out of sync.
> Tom

Uh Oh, I may be in trouble...I started up a 'synth upgrade-system' yesterday
before leaving the office (it takes a number of hours to complete on the
system and boggs it down pretty badly). It said thad it was was going to build
999 ports. It should have finished sometime last night. Wonder what I'll
discover when I get into the office today? Hope it didn't mess things up...

Note that after installing the freebsd-base-graphics kernel and world (and
rebooting) and before rebuilding any ports I didn't notice any problems. Of
course, I didn't try every program and it was only for about a day.


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