[Bug 217635] lang/beignet: crash in get_program_global_data() after 1.3.0 update

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Thu Mar 23 07:21:58 UTC 2017


Rong Yang <rong.r.yang at intel.com> changed:

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--- Comment #8 from Rong Yang <rong.r.yang at intel.com> ---
>From Segmentation fault's call stack, 
prog->global_data = cl_buffer_alloc_userptr(bufmgr, "program global data", p,
alignedSz, 0);
cl_buffer_alloc_userptr return null, then crash in the next line.
cl_buffer_set_softpin_offset(prog->global_data, (size_t)p);
Does the libdrm's intel_buffer_alloc_userptr work in freebsd? What's the
alignedSz's value?

Anyway, the workaround patch is ok to me, thanks.

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