Status of Intel Broadwell GPU Support??

Pete Wright pete at
Tue Mar 21 18:29:51 UTC 2017

On 03/21/2017 11:22, Bob Willcox wrote:
> Can someone fill me in on what the current status of support for the Intel
> Broadwell GPUs is? I had been running with the scfb driver on one of my
> systems (Intel NUC with an i7-5557U CPU) up until recently when I had to
> reboot it. I had updated the ports about a week earlier and just yesterday had
> to reboot it due to a power outage here.
> I haven't seen much mention/activity regarding the new i915 support for the
> newer Intel GPUs and was hoping that there might be some documentation that I
> could be pointed to so I can understand what all needs to be done to upgrade
> to and run it.
> Note that I'm currently running 10.3-stable but would be willing to update to
> something more current if necessary.
> Thanks in advance for any info or pointers you can offer!

Hey there Bob, you may want to take a look at TrueOS which is based on 
FreeBSD but they have been aggressively importing new drm code to 
support newer Intel GPU's.

If you are comfortable tracking and building CURRENT yourself, you can 
try the drm-next branch at this github repository:

I don't remember if the latest drm-next code is required for Broadwell 
CPU's, but this code works well for my on my Skylake system.  Both 
approaches should allow you to use accelerated GPU graphics on your 
system though.


Pete Wright
pete at

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