CFT: update Xorg to 1.19.3

Matthew Rezny rezny at
Thu Mar 16 17:51:04 UTC 2017

The time has come for the next update of Xorg. All the drivers were readied 
for the new ABI during the previous update so no new drivers are needed, just 
be sure to rebuild all the drivers after upgrading xorg-server.

Changes in 1.19 include threaded input support and improvements to the 
modesetting driver and GLAMOR. There are also a few local changes of note.

* The devd config backend has been updated to handle /dev/hidX and 
/dev/input/eventX devices as provided by webcamd.
* An experimental option is now provided for a third config backend, udev, 
which is the replacement for HAL upstream, but using libudev-devd.
* The SUID option has been changed to install a setuid wrapper, to which 
/usr/local/bin/X points, instead of making /usr/local/bin/Xorg setuid. This 
allows Xorg to be launched as a non-root user, useful if it will not be 
interfacing hardware (e.g. virtual framebuffer in jail, with xpra, etc). There 
is no difference for non-root users running startx as it executes X, which 
points to the setuid wrapper.

Please test and reply to this list with your feedback.
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