[Bug 217016] graphics/libGL: update to 17.0.1 to get llvm40 support

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Jan Beich (mail not working) <jbeich at FreeBSD.org> changed:

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--- Comment #9 from Jan Beich (mail not working) <jbeich at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Matthew Rezny from comment #8)
> That said, a patch to require llvm39 but use llvm40 if it is already installed
> would be nice, but that is not what the proposed patch does.

Detecting dependencies at runtime is undesired.


> Instead, it merely allows MESA_LLVM_VER to be more easily overridden
> while also dropping the min version and bumping the default version

I wanted the knob hidden, so it can allow footshooting. Not really a feature
supported by the maintainer.

> dropping part of post-patch,

[[:graph:]]* wasn't dropped but plain incorrect. According to re_format(7)
negating character class is perfectly fine but BSD regex doesn't support
shorthand variants. This may change with the import of libtre in future.

I do use CPUTYPE?=native in make.conf myself, so this was tested.

> rolling the post-patch changes or a subset thereof into patch-configure and
> patch-configure.ac (which need not be patched),

17.0.1 requires more extensive changes. I've tried to use the syntax compatible
with both GNU sed and BSD sed. files/configure.ac was out of date, so it should
either be removed or submitted upstream. Leaving it as is is confusing.


> and there is some other change to configure patches I have no looked
> at close enough to see whether the make sense for the 13 -> 17 bump
> given the rest is incorrect.

What else? For one, the following change was made to be consistent with the
rest of the file.

  ++linux* | freebsd*)

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