[Bug 196678] x11-servers/xorg-server: make config/devd recognize /dev/input/eventX from multimedia/webcamd

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--- Comment #52 from Matthew Rezny <rezny at freebsd.org> ---
I had not noticed this PR until very recently. I had separately reworked the
devd config backend a few months ago when starting on 1.19, not adding
functionality but just adapting for an API change and cleaning up the code
(which yielded the memory leak fix in the 1.18.4 update).

I have reviewed the last patch on this PR. While the improved functionality is
much desired, the could be improved. I spotted enough issues (e.g. an inner
loop re-using the index variable of the outer loop for an unrelated purpose, a
series of calls that goto a cleanup label on failure, but only after
overwriting the working pointer with NULL, etc) that I decided to make a
second, more aggressive, cleanup pass after merging my changes for compat with

There will soon be a CFT for X.org 1.19.x including the updated devd config
backed and an option to use the udev config backend via libudev-devd. I am
currently testing 1.19.2, but the release tarball is missing files so I expect
a 1.19.3 release soon.

TL;DR there is progress to get this to ports, new patch Real Soon Now

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