SOLVED i915kms loading problem Re: X11 breaks for Intel after ports update from r433396 -> r433935?

Masachika ISHIZUKA ish at
Wed Mar 1 16:57:42 UTC 2017

> Please refer to the following FDO bug report I just made:
> Bug 100011 - src/intel_device.c reverses return value meaning of xorg
> server xf86LoadKernelModule()
> Short summary from the bug report:
> "The function load_i915_kernel_module() in
> file src/intel_device.c
> of xf86-video-intel reverses the meaning of the return value of
> xorg server's xf86LoadKernelModule().
> xf86LoadKernelModule() actually returns 0 if the loading fails,
> non-zero if success."
> Something similar to the following one-line patch can be used:
> I'm actually using pkgsrc and FreeBSD patches from
> pkgsrc-wip.  Cross-platform can really help debugging.

  Thank you very much.

  This patch works well without kld_list="i915kms".
(I tested at FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT r314185 with xf86-video-intel
Masachika ISHIZUKA

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