End of year Xorg status rant

Zane C. B-H. v.velox at vvelox.net
Tue Jan 3 06:15:04 UTC 2017

On 2016-12-31 09:03, Andrei wrote:
> On Sat, 31 Dec 2016 07:11:51 -0600
> Mark Linimon <linimon at lonesome.com> wrote:
>> On Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 02:51:55PM +0300, Beeblebrox via freebsd-x11
>> wrote:
>> > I'm sure the Foundation and developers have been debating whether to
>> > drop desktop all together
>> I have never heard of any such discussion.
> Hm. You don't see that they don't hire professional programmers for 
> FreeBSD
> graphics stack?
> Just one useless person did some fork that unusable and wasted one
> year of our time.
> Hope that in new year we will get new graphics stack in FreeBSD.
> Btw, happy new year!


Wow! Now their is very much a crazy claim.

Honestly this entire thread has been full of WTF.

I've been using FreeBSD for desktop purposes since like late 2001/early 
2002. The only issue I've ever had is X -configure does a shit job of 
picking defaults at times, but that is not a FreeBSD issue.

Yes, X tends to lag a bit behind Linux, but all in all X is a much 
better experience on FreeBSD than Linux. One of the big thing that 
really stands out between the two is screen tearing is rare on FreeBSD 
compared to Linux. Lets not also forget how long it took Linux to get 
their ducks in a row with unfucking their packaged fonts.

X works well enough under FreeBSD that I honestly use it for gaming via 

Personally I am proud and happy with what our X team has done with it, 
especially with Intel chipset support since like 10, making using it on 
a broader number of laptops all that more awesome. In 11 it is 
completely goat fragging wiz with the new KMS stuff. <3

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