4.6 DRM/i915 on Iris 5100 (Haswell)

Corvin Wimmer mail at corv.in
Wed Jun 1 11:51:25 UTC 2016

Testing 4.6 DRM/i915 from cftdisk_2016053119.img on rMBP 13” Late 2013. This is a Core i5 Haswell 4288U with Intel Iris 5100. 

In principle built-in Retina screen, HDMI and mDP are working simultaneously. FPS of 3D accelerated demos such as Teapot fluctuate wildly and exhibit significant stutter. Might the issue be temperature throttling related?

Unfortunately the disk image from 31-May-2016 20:18 does not include XFCE or KDE4. Joeuser’s xinit refers to a file that does not exist.

I will set up a more complete testing environment as time permits and investigate the performance issue further.

Many thanks to mmacy and everyone else for their contributions towards the updated graphics stack on FreeBSD.

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