[Bug 203826] x11-servers/xorg-server In X server after 1.17, default configuration is now -nolisten tcp

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--- Comment #2 from Yasuhito FUTATSUKI <freebsd-bug-report-yf at yf.bsdclub.org> ---
(In reply to bob from comment #1)
There are two way of working arround it.

(1) For clients, specifying display with a form of ":n".
If you set DISPLAY environment in your X session starting script with
"hostname:n" style, where hostname is your local hostname or "localhost",
remove hostname. Then the clients will be able to connect  X server via
UNIX domain socket. This solution cannot be applied if you want to connect
from other host than the host X server runs without proxy such as ssh

(2) For X server, pass "-listen tcp option" to X server.
If you are using startx(1) or xinit(1) for starting X server, add its
command line argument "-listen tcp" after "--", or use xserverrc script
to start X server to pass the arguments. (Please see startx(1) or
xinit(1) man page for detail)
If you are using other way to starting X (for example xdm or gdm for
grafical login session), check your script (or program) to pass the argument.

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