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We use LG Flatron at $work (tho not wide-aspect like the model you mention -- read: we run our LG Flatron LCDs at 1600x1200). I've had a little experience in working on higher definitions tho (like 1920x1080).

Very first thing I do is I run "xrandr" with no arguments to see if the mode that I want is listed and available, just not used.

If the resolution you want is listed in the xrandr output, then switching to it is as simple as running "xrandr --size WxH" where W is pixel-width and H is pixel-height (e.g. "xrandr --size 1920x1080"). After which, you can make this mode your default by adding the following to  the appropriate "Display" subsection in /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

Modes "1920x1080"

However, if instead the desired mode is _not_ listed by xrandr, it could be as simple as switching cables (if you're trying to hit 1920x1080 for example, avoid [S]VGA and try DVI or HDMI or DP; switching cables could help).

Next, there's a possibility you're not using a driver that supports your graphics card. What I do in that situation is run (as root):

X -configure :99

Then I go look at the Driver settings in /root/xorg.conf.new -- if it comes back as "vesa" then that's the fallback driver and you can't make use of anything higher than 1600x1200. If it comes back as something other than "vesa" like "nvidia", "ati", "radeon", or "intel", then there's a chance you can hit 1920x1080 but we're not done yet.

Last thing to do is to update xf86-video-* driver from the ports tree (pick the one most appropriate for your Desktop hardware).

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On 01/31/13 14:20, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> long time ago  with CRT monitors i used xvidtune and defined my modeline
> based on existing one.
> With LCD laptop Xorg automatically selected good one.
> Now with desktop and new LG monitor capable of 1920x1080 it uses 1024x768
> no possible modelines are displayed and i have no idea how to set it
> properly.
> It is LG Flatron E2211 if it helps.
> What driver should i use with Atom D525? xf86-video-intel29 is the only
> one that works, in spite of market as not supported.
> Or am i missing something?

xf86-video-intel29 is not supported.  It was used for a short time when
gem/kms was still developed.  I have no idea what graphics card your
atom comes with, it has integrated graphics, but you have to find out
which exact version it is.  In general, for newer intel graphics cards,
the best is to use the new xorg distribution, that should give you
hardware acceleration.  Otherwise you can try xf86-video-intel in the
old xorg distribution, but the risk is that it will revert back to using
vesa instead.
Niclas Zeising
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