Radeon UMS and NEW_XORG

Hannes h2+lists2013 at fsfe.org
Tue Feb 26 21:09:00 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

I have just updated to NEW_XORG and with it received:

This tries to do KMS and fails, which is expected behaviour. *However*
this version should still be capable of UMS. How can I force it to use
UMS? The Kernel and DRM are still capable of Radeon UMS, as is proven
when using old Xorg.

On Linux this has to do with the Kernel advertising modesetting (or not)
and the Kernel-Parameter "nomodeset" deactivates modesetting (which is
then detected by the driver). How can I achieve this with FreeBSD?

Thank you for your help,

P.S: Please don't tell me to just use the old XORG. I would like to work
with the new stuff and the software should work. I would also like to
experiment with the new TTM stuff, when I have the time, but UMS is
basic for now (vesa sucks).

P.P.S: on an unimportant sidenote: is there llvmpipe on FreeBSD?

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