error in the 9.1-release-1386 ISO file

D. 404dowser at
Tue Feb 26 14:31:41 UTC 2013

I found an error in the 9.1-release-1386 ISO file. The port for 
dri-7.6.1_2 lists python32 as
a dependence. It also lists py32-libxml2 as a dependence. neither is 
On my new install dri-7 would not compile. It tried to build 
py32-libxml2 and python3.2
even though python2.7 was installed, though py27-libxml2 was not. Both 
ports fail to install, if the other is present. After 2 days of 
re-trying the ports,
including checking the latest ports tree, I found that the only work 
around was TO
REMOVE BOTH PYTHON VERSIONS, and py32-libxml2 from the system. 
Afterward, I ran my
make command on the dri-7 port and let it install py27-libxml2 and 
python2.7 via
it's "internal" makedep list. Now dri-7 and py27-libxml are installed 
and all the
odd errors involving syntax and missing file issues were absent.

A problem report and this post, in the forums are available for info.

Let me know if details are needed.



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