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b.f. bf1783 at
Wed Feb 20 15:34:49 UTC 2013

On 2/20/13, Steve Wills <swills at> wrote:
> Anyone have objections to this patch:
> (also attached).
> In particular, the xorg list puts the xorg and mirrors
> first, since the page here:
> lists them as "Primary". Also, it strips out the ftp sites and sticks to
> http only, since I've heard some who consider ftp itself less than ideal
> and there are plenty of mirrors without it. Also, I looked at all the
> sites by hand and I removed a few that didn't seem to work at all and
> adjusted a few that needed "/pub/" added to the entry from the
> list above.
> This list does make things a bit more US centric, but it really didn't
> seem to make sense to have .hk and .br as the first two. But, making the
> list too long only makes it take longer to fall back to the

... which however doesn't necessarily have the distfiles, especially
after a recent update.

The National Technical University of Athens has http access:

so even if you don't want ftp-only sites, it may be worth retaining
that mirror for users in the vicinity of Southeastern Europe.  So does
the University of Campinas, but they appear to have dropped the X11
directory -- which is a pity, because it would be good to have one
South American mirror.

For some reason, since r191544 x11-servers/xorg-server overrides the
usual master sites.  It's probably a good idea to go back to using all
of the mirrors for that port, by removing the MASTER_SITES line from
the port Makefile-- the necessary information will then be supplied by
the default entries in Mk/


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