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Emanuel Haupt ehaupt at
Wed Feb 20 11:18:51 UTC 2013

Steve Wills <swills at> wrote:
> Anyone have objections to this patch:
> (also attached).
> In particular, the xorg list puts the xorg and mirrors
> first, since the page here:
> lists them as "Primary". Also, it strips out the ftp sites and sticks
> to http only, since I've heard some who consider ftp itself less than
> ideal and there are plenty of mirrors without it. Also, I looked at
> all the sites by hand and I removed a few that didn't seem to work at
> all and adjusted a few that needed "/pub/" added to the entry from
> the list above.
> This list does make things a bit more US centric, but it really didn't
> seem to make sense to have .hk and .br as the first two. But, making
> the list too long only makes it take longer to fall back to the
> mirror. This seemed like the best compromise to me, but I
> don't normally touch this file so I thought I'd get some feedback
> before committing. Comments and suggestions welcome!
> Steve

No objection from my side. You can use ports-mgmt/distilator to check a
few port that use MASTER_SITE_RUBY and MASTER_SITE_XORG about the
consistency of the distfiles.


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