mac mini extremely hot when using i915kms

Brett brett.mahar at
Fri Oct 26 12:22:44 UTC 2012

> >>>> Hi,
> >>>> I am run 9.1-RC2 under mac mini(A1347), powerd aslo run,
> >>>> Without i915kms running,  cpu temperature is very low:
> >>>> % sysctl -a|grep temperature
> >>>
> >>> can you also show the CPU speed? If powerd does not manage to get
> >>> the CPU clock down the temperature will rise.
> >>>
> >> This is 2.0G CPU, CPU speed is 100Mhz when CPU is idle and powerd is
> >> running.

Just a thought, but have you tried running at higher than 100Mhz when idle? I have a laptop that runs pretty hot and from experimenting with powerd the last few weeks, it runs hotter at 400Mhz than 800Mhz. I not sure why, maybe the fan runs a bit faster at 800Mhz. So I set debug.cpufreq.lowest=800 in sysctl.conf, and -m and -M of 800 in powerd_flags, and the laptop is happy. Maybe your Mac mini has a similar quirk.

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