Bump killed VT switching

Lars Eighner xwin at larseighner.com
Fri May 25 04:53:23 UTC 2012

I am using 8.3-p1 amd64.  I have Intel video which has been working with the
Intel driver.  For fallback and experimental purposes, the VESA driver also

The recent xorg bump killed VT switching for me.  It killed it whether I use
the Intel driver or try the VESA driver.  As VT switching is vital for the
way I work, I have reverted to the pre-April-21 version.  Curiously, this
doesn't restore the previous behavior (switch on alt-Fx or ctl-alt-Fx) but
it does switch on shift-Fx.  AltSysReq does not seem to work either.

Sometime since I last had to mess with the x-keyboard, rules seem to have
superseded keyboard mapping, and I find rules complete incomprehensible -
kind of like Linux console keyboard mapping which was the decisive factor in
my choosing FreeBSD some ten years ago.

I just want a US keyboard with VT switching.  I never want characters
outside iso-8859-1. (I would really like a window system without utf/unicode

Is there any chance VT switching might be restored to the current port -- or
is this suppressed forever on purpose (for our own good or something).

Lars Eighner
8800 N IH35 APT 1191 AUSTIN TX 78753-5266

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