KMS (all.15.1.patch) for 9-STABLE /GM45 case study

Jakub Lach jakub_lach at
Sun May 20 15:48:09 UTC 2012


I wasted some time on this setup, 
so I thought I could document process
for somebody in my place, maybe
more clearly than-

1. I pulled fresh 9-STABLE.

2. I pulled xorg trunk from

and merged with ports tree with xorgmerge. 

3. Updated ports as normal.

4. Edited i915_suspend.c.

I applied to src:

with patch -p1 <all.15.1.patch

It applied cleanly. 

However, as FAQ pointed out, without also applying:

You will fail to build drm2. 

In this patch, last hunk fails to apply (/sys/vm/vm_phys.h)

After rebuilding whole system, before starting X, you need 
both drm2/drm2 and drm2/i915kms ready in your kernel 
directory, so make sure you didn't have them excluded by 
for example MODULES_OVERRIDE= in make.conf.

Also, dri2 is dependant on 

device          iic
device          iicbb
device          iicbus

So have them compiled in kernel, or ready in modules.

At this point, after full system rebuild, startx here would 
restart system without anything interesting to show. 

Trying to first manually load i915kms module (as should be 
more stressed in FAQ, as this is how it should be done per Kib's 
instructions given on list) would result in the same.

I aborted my experiment as I couldn't afford more fs 
inconsistencies brought by SU+J here after each 

Maybe you will have more luck. 

I rolled back local xorg repo to r487, downgraded 
appropriate ports and once again pulled fresh 9-STABLE, 
then edited i915_suspend.c as always.

This time applied only:

After full rebuild, system works fine as was the case 
before whole adventure with all.15.1.patch.

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