New Xorg crashes when built with clang

Gautam list at
Sat May 19 03:27:37 UTC 2012


I am running 9/stable with a clang world+kernel and also with all ports
built with clang where possible.

I am running xfce and when I click on the firefox launcher, X freezes --
I get a bizzare range of colours and it seems that the X server has
crashed. The machine is still responsive via the network, I am able to
ssh etc.

I finally isolated the culprit to x11-servers/xorg-server which works
fine when I build it with base gcc, but has this bad behaviour when I
build it with clang.

uname -a
FreeBSD mellon 9.0-STABLE FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE #0 r235508M: Thu May 17
12:07:49 IST 2012     root at mellon:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/MYKERNEL  amd64

MYKERNEL only has ACPI_DEBUG enabled on top of GENERIC.

Please note that I am using the drm-all.13.7-stable9.1.patch on top of

I have uploaded a tarball containing the required configuration files, logs
well as sysctl dumps.

$ tar Jtf xcrash.txz
clangports.conf                # ports configured with gcc go here
hw.dri.0.info_after.txt        # before the crash.
hw.dri.0.info_before.txt       # after the crash via another ssh conn
messages                       # after dri.debug=3

I could not find a core file from Xorg, but the Xorg.log file does
indicate a SEGV. Any idea on this problem? Do let me know if any further
information is required; The problem is fully reproducible.

Thanks in advance!

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