[CFT] Xorg 7.7 ready for testing!

Martin Wilke miwi at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jun 7 12:38:02 UTC 2012

Hi Fans,

The FreeBSD Xorg Team is pleased to announce Xorg 7.7 Release. We are
very happy to be able to Call for testing shortly after the Xorg team
annouced 7.7 release. This CFT is also open for discussion on how we
should move forward with xorg release as we are facing some issues and
we would like to ask for your opinion. Right now we have 2 existing
xorg versions in our Ports Tree. The situation is quite bad due to our
poor graphic card support. That means we do not have much choice but to
take it as how it is now. But with regards to mesa support, we have to
face some new challanges.

With the new mesa 8.0 release, accelerated support for a number of
older graphic cards was dropped. At the moment we are not sure how to
deal with that.We are thinking of just replacing mesa 7.11 with 8.0 or
making a new flag like WITH_MESA= 7.11.2 / 8.0 in combination with
WITH_NEW_XORG, and let the mesa 7.6.1 set as default together with the
old xorg version. Obviosly the latter option make the already complex
situation more complex. The problem is, users, especially  the new ones
can easily get confused with it. Another issue is, the packages.We
can't deliver a package set with the new Xorg releases. This means
users with new hardware will have to compile everything by themselves.
Though I'm totally fine with compiling, not everyone has the CPU power
to compile everything. What I'm trying to say is, I would love to see
the newer xorg released as the default version, but i know this will
break a lot of old hardware. The thing is, when we want to try to
become a Modern Operating System, I dont see any other way to make the
new xorg as default but to give Users the chance to compile the old
xorg with a flag like WITH_OLD_XORG.

Some notes regarding KMS support:
KMS Support has been completely migrated to FreeBSD 10. The MFC to 9
will come soon, that means so long its not MFC'd to 9-Stable, users
need to get the latest patch from our x11 mailing list.

This testing includes
* libdrm 2.4.34 (including KMS support)
* mesa 8.0.3
* full Xorg 7.7 release Change log

Checkout Xorg Development Repo:
You will need to install devel/subversion in order to checkout the xorg
repo. Next, you will need to add WITH_NEW_XORG=yes in
your /etc/make.conf if you want to try out the new Xorg and mesa. Note
that if you are not qualified for the KMS patch, you shouldn’t use
WITH_NEW_XORG=yes because the old intel driver doesn’t build with the
new X server. If you are qualified, you should also set WITH_KMS=yes
in /etc/make.conf. Nvidia and ATI users should set WITH_NEW_XORG=yes.

svn co https://trillian.chruetertee.ch/svn/ports/trunk

A small merge script to merge the svn checkout into the real portstree
can be found here:


The script is a modified version of the old kdemerge script. Please set
the KDEDIR variable to the path of your X.org ports. After merging, run
one of the following command, depending on which tool you use to manage
your installed packages.

portupgrade -af \*
portmaster -a

After installing these, you will have to rebuild all xf86-* ports. We
will bump all releated ports during the commit to the ports tree.

Our current plan is to let the CFT running for a while, and see what
the outcome of the discussion above is. We hope to get a lot of
feedback to solve as many problems as possible. Also we are working on
the libglut to freeglut migration, this will definitely complete before
we import Xorg 7.7. So we still have enough time.  We are looking
forward for your feedback.

- miwi on behalf of the FreeBSD X11 Team

PS: Please reply only to x11@ thanks.


Facebook:	miwi1
Twitter:	miwi_

With best Regards,
        Martin Wilke (miwi_(at)_FreeBSD.org)

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