xset cannot disable bell?

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at missouri.edu
Wed Jan 4 14:01:54 UTC 2012

On 01/04/2012 02:59 AM, Joel Dahl wrote:
> On 04-01-2012  1:43, Benjamin Kaduk wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I took a (long-overdue) ports upgrade a few days ago, and after rebuilding
>> everything from scratch, I find that I can no longer disable the X bell
>> with 'xset -b', either in my .xinitrc or from an xterm.  Other
>> permutations such as 'xset b off' and 'xset b 0 0 0' also have no effect.
>> This is with:
>> xset-1.2.2_1        User preference utility for X
>> xterm-276_1         Terminal emulator for the X Window System
>> xorg-7.5.1          X.Org complete distribution metaport
>> xorg-apps-7.5.1     X.org apps meta-port
>> xorg-cf-files-1.0.4 X.org cf files for use with imake builds
>> xorg-docs-1.6,1     X.org documentation files
>> xorg-drivers-7.5.1  X.org drivers meta-port
>> xorg-fonts-100dpi-7.5.1 X.Org 100dpi bitmap fonts
>> xorg-fonts-7.5.1    X.org fonts meta-port
>> xorg-fonts-75dpi-7.5.1 X.Org 75dpi bitmap fonts
>> xorg-fonts-cyrillic-7.5.1 X.Org Cyrillic bitmap fonts
>> xorg-fonts-miscbitmaps-7.5.1 X.Org miscellaneous bitmap fonts
>> xorg-fonts-truetype-7.5.1 X.Org TrueType fonts
>> xorg-fonts-type1-7.5.1 X.Org Type1 fonts
>> xorg-libraries-7.5.1 X.org libraries meta-port
>> xorg-macros-1.15.0  X.Org development aclocal macros
>> xorg-server-1.7.7_3,1 X.Org X server and related programs
>> The base system is:
>> FreeBSD hysteresis.mit.edu 9.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT #29: Thu May 12
>> 23:38:56 EDT 2011 kaduk at hysteresis.mit.edu:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC
>> amd64
>> from sources of 19 February (crikey, that's almost a year old!).
>> Thoughts on whether updating the base system is likely to help, or further
>> diagnostics to take?
> FWIW, I have the same problem with a more up-to-date current (rebuilt two
> days ago).

This is a long shot.  But did you try xkbset?  (It is in the ports.)

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