Non-standard (multimedia) keys: how to make them work in kde?

Yuri yuri at
Sat Dec 8 18:16:53 UTC 2012

I have multimedia keys with keycodes 145 and 146. xev shows events with 
these codes. But kde4 doesn't even offer these keys as shortcut keys for 
various functions.
Handbook doesn't talk about this topic at all, though this is the likely 
question users can ask when faced with multimedia keys and FreeBSD 
combination: How to use them?

So what should happen for multimedia keys in FreeBSD?
'xev' shows them. 'xmodmap -pke' doesn't show any mappings for 145 146 
keycodes, and it shouldn't (right?), since there can be user level 
functions that can't be defined in xorg (like run my favorite app). kde4 
acts like they don't exist.


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