Graphic card that works?

Adam K Kirchhoff akirchhoff135014 at
Thu Jun 30 18:09:05 UTC 2011

On 06/30/11 14:03, Michal Varga wrote:
> - So ATI is out of question. Seriously, I'm not going into ATI
> flamewars again. I don't work for Nvidia (and wouldn't care for them
> even slightly if their products weren't so good - for me). And I
> actually own ATI hardware, sadly. And I have seen so many ATI users
> and experienced so many of their problems that I could have me made a
> fur coat out of the hair I lost through it. It's a waste of time.
> Anyone who can seriously *RECOMMEND* ATI card for anything but simple
> desktop work (dragging windows and watching unaccelerated video) is
> either completely delusional, or clearly hates the other person he is
> recommending to (or simply never owned an ATI product but feels like
> recommending them anyway, that happens too). If someone is dumb enough
> to pick that advice even through the internet is full of easily
> accessible information about how horrible crap ATI products are (both
> in HW and SW, and the SW part especially counts for FreeBSD, where
> there is comepletely *NONE* support from ATI), then, fine - let him
> have it. As someone once said: No lesson is fully learned without
> pain.

I love how you say you're not going into an ATI flameware again, and 
then you spend the entire paragraph trying to start one.


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