Heads Up: X11BASE removal

Super Biscuit super_bisquit at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 26 17:00:20 UTC 2011

How will this affect future builds for Tiers 2 & 3 architectures?
Aside: is there a way that kdrive, formerly TinyX- will be a build option?
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Subject: Heads Up: X11BASE removal
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Date: Monday, December 26, 2011, 2:22 AM

Hi porters,

The X11BASE variable has been deprecated for a long time. Support for
having a X11BASE different than LOCALBASE was terminated on
2009/12/18. After the 9.0 release I will commit a patch that removes
all current references of the variable from bsd.port.mk and
bsd.xorg.mk.  In the meantime I will be adding some helper code to a
few ports that still depend on it. New ports should not reference
X11BASE at all.

Eitan Adler
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