Problem with Intel GPU patch (cont.)

Meowthink meowthink at
Sun Dec 11 09:57:06 UTC 2011

Hello all,

Could Anybody give a help?

I've dug a little deeper on the problem, but still can't figure out
where the problem lies.

I tried to use a easier way to close output to main display, but
eventually a mysterious thing: In additional to "xset dpms force off"
which really switch off main display, either "xset dpms force standby"
or "... suspend" will get VirtualGL works fine - at least in my test
After issued such a xset command, I can get 2 or more OpenGL apps
rendered on the server side, then transferred to clients, even clients
are on individual hardwares.

The mysterious point is here: xset both standby/suspend mode only
blanks my old CRT a second, and then the main display restores. This
means, I can even get some OpenGL apps drawing on main display while
have vgl rendered out of that screen.

The "mixed", or "leaked" problem describe in former email occurred
immediately after issuing an "xset dmps force on".

Looking into codes, it seems X extension only passes these dpms states
to the driver. And in the driver, intel_crt_dpms() suggests these
operations only disables H-sync or V-sync?
What I believed is, the problematic state (Pbuffer content mixed with
main framebuffer) shows that, there's something wrong with the memory
access. So I am confused now.

Any suggestions?


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