Problem with Intel GPU patch

Meowthink meowthink at
Sat Dec 3 15:23:23 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I doubt if there's anyone experienced with VirtualGL?
I'm trying to use it on a freebsd box with Intel integrated GPU, but
encourage some problems.

0. Everything runs fine(through vgl to another computer) when
rendering using the software rasterizer.

With DRI rendering, every function runs, except the result is weird:

1. glxshpere(the sample program shipped with vgl) keeps crashing until
the default screen saver(no video output to main screen)  starts. Of
course, it runs fine when no video on screen, but core dumped
immediately after main screen works(can be simply triggered by a
mice/kb event).

2. most other apps run, but sometimes got "mixed" with on-screen
contents. Here are 2 photos taken when rendering WebGL on Chromium,
taken in sequence,

Yes, the screen blinks between these 2 states, about 3 Hz, for my eye can catch.

3. Running 2 or more instance of vgl apps will be much more unstable.

Support by point 0, I guess this problem is caused by the hw/driver part.

As far as I can understand, VirtualGL will cheat the target
application to render into a Pbuffer, and then redirect it to client.
So point 1 - 3 suggest that, something is wrong (with GEM?), resulting
conflicts between real framebuffer and pbuffers.

Any suggestions?

Config: i3-2100, H67
stable/9 kernel(svn r228226) with all.12.3.patch, xorg-dev port(svn
r337), virtualgl svn r4766

- It's easy to merge kib's patch to stable/9 by tracing current
commits (the patch after 12.x is not-so-easily applied mainly because
of kib's patch on device pager. In case someone's in need, my patch is
shared here:

(will be available until kib's next patch)


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