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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/137748 x11        x11/xorg: "unprocessed" mouse click results in effecti
o ports/137731 x11        [patch] x11-drivers/xf86-input-vmmouse
o ports/137373 x11        x11/libX11: make dependance on x11/libxcb
o ports/135276 x11        x11/xorg: GUI running first time only while using Free
o ports/134643 x11        [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server - Unbreak Xorg 7.4 ser
o ports/134244 x11        x11/xorg: "intel" driver for Xorg is very broken
o ports/134132 x11        x11-servers/xorg-server: Intel i845 - xorg.conf with U
o ports/134082 x11        x11/xdriinfo: xdriinfo-1.0.2 build fail
o ports/133946 x11        x11-servers/xorg-server [patch] X crashes in xinerama 
o ports/133609 x11        x11/xorg crashes with vlc, intel video driver
o ports/133482 x11        x11/libXext "Generic Event Extension not available" er
o ports/133465 x11        x11/xorg: X crashes with mplayer -vo xv with xf86-vide
o ports/133419 x11        Unable to build x11-drivers/xf86-video-nsc
o ports/133175 x11        [patch] x11/pixman: enable SSE2 support autodetection
o ports/132621 x11        x11/xorg tries to install event when deselected
o ports/132403 x11        x11/xorg with Radeon X600 (R370): cannot re-initialize
o ports/132100 x11        x11/xorg: Xorg server forgets pointer map after xlock
o ports/132041 x11        x11/xorg: Broken Intel video driver
o ports/131930 x11        [PATCH] x11-servers/xorg-server coredumps on exit
o ports/131726 x11        x11-servers/xorg-server: xorg server messes with my eh
o ports/131696 x11        x11-servers/xorg-server: hald core dumps make X11 unus
o ports/131016 x11        x11/xorg - xorg-7.4 renders system unusable!
s kern/130478  x11        [request] Port Linux kernel stub of nouveau to FreeBSD
f ports/126812 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati - System freeze when exitin
o ports/125883 x11        x11-fonts/xorg-fonts-cyrillic is installed, but fonts 
f ports/123137 x11        x11/libX11: missing ru_RU.UTF-8 locale
o ports/122830 x11        x11/xorg: Error in I830WaitLpRing()
s ports/117907 x11        x11-servers/mga_hal broken on 7.0-BETA (GLIBC error)
o ports/116443 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-input-keyboard patch for USB jp106 ke

29 problems total.

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