configuring X on the Presario with the 8200M driver

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Sat Sep 12 06:23:19 UTC 2009

Step 10 should be....
# Xorg -config -retro

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>Subject: configuring X on the Presario with the 8200M driver
>Moving this discussion to freebsd-x11.
>I have a Presario CQ60 with the NVIDIA 8200M G, and X is working!
>Here are the steps to get there.  Do everything as root:
>1) Update your ports to the most recent.  Follow the FreeBSD manual, section 4.5 Using the Ports Collection, nuke the contents of /usr/ports, and install a new base using portsnap or cvsup.
>2) Install the nvidia-driver.
># cd /usr/ports/x11-driver/nvidia-driver
># make install clean  (I built with options FREEBSD_AGP checked, ACPI checked, LINUX unchecked).  
>3) You can install 2 more optional tools for configuring the nvidia card settings.  I have not used them, but I installed them.
># cd /usr/ports/x11-driver/nvidia-settings
># make install clean
># cd /usr/ports/x11-driver/nvidia-xconfig
># make install clean
>4) I also installed the fbdev driver from X.Org.
># cd /usr/ports/x11-drivers/xf86-video-fbdev
># make install clean
>5) Add the nvidia driver as a dynamically loaded kernel module.
># cd /boot
># vi loader.conf  (you better know how to use vi to edit)
>--- add the line nvidia_load="YES"
>--- it is the only line I have in my loader.conf file
>6) Reboot the system
># reboot
>7) If you want to see the version you just installed (your versions may be newer than mine below)...
># pkg_info | grep nvidia
># pkg_info | grep fbdev
>8) Generate your file.
># cd /root
># Xorg -configure
>9) Edit the file.
># vi
>--- change the line    Driver "nv"
>            to read    Driver "nvidia"
>10) Test the config file.
># Xorg -config xorg.conf -retro
>--- you should get a grey screen and your mouse should work, especially if your mouse worked when installing FreeBSD
>--- to kill the test, press CTRL-ALT-BKSP
>11) If everything worked, move and rename (drop the new extension) the config file to the /etc directory
># mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf
>12) Test again.  Log in as another user belonging to the wheel group (or login as root).
>% startx
>--- you should get 3 green windows
>--- you can kill X by clicking on the large window on the left, and typing exit

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