X11 build error (but appears caused by smped m4 macro definitions problem)

Phillip Musumeci p.musumeci at ieee.org
Fri Sep 11 01:49:00 UTC 2009


When I try to update my libX11, I get warnings starting with

/usr/local/share/aclocal/smpeg.m4:13: warning: underquoted definition of

It seems that over the past couple of years, some alternative forms of these
macros depended on by X11 have been created.  There are also news group
postings on hacks to fix these macros at the current FreeBSD level, and
linux and others are also using later versions.  I've attached the screen
log of the actual build command which contains the above error message, and
as well as the build.log file.

I was getting these errors on 8-BETA2 and switched over to 9-CURRENT, with
no improvements.  I guess this report might be passed onto whoever looks
after the contributed macros (but figured you might not be aware of this
problem at present).

Hope this helps,

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