Problem installing ImageMagick relating to X11 ports.

John Hein jhein at
Wed Oct 31 23:27:45 PDT 2007

Brett Davidson wrote at 12:46 +1300 on Nov  1, 2007:
 > ===>   gconf2-2.20.1 depends on shared library: gtk-x11-2.0.0 - not found
 > ===>    Verifying install for gtk-x11-2.0.0 in /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/gtk20
 > ===>  Building for gtk-2.12.1
 > gmake  all-recursive
 > gmake[1]: Entering directory 

What happened to "Extracting", "Patching", "Configuring"?
Unclean work dir?

 > gdkdrawable-x11.c:32:24: cairo-xlib.h: No such file or directory

pkg_info -W /usr/local/include/cairo/cairo-xlib.h
/usr/local/include/cairo/cairo-xlib.h was installed by package cairo-1.4.10_1

Horked install of cairo?

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