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Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
f ports/93071  x11        x11-servers/xorg-server: Resume fails on system with X
f ports/104885 x11        Hangs when logging out of X11 terminals
f ports/106370 x11        Screen corruption when using Direct Rendering on a PCI
f ports/110721 x11        system hang at start of dual head xorg configuration
f ports/113220 x11        x11/Xorg 7.2 Fatal server error
f ports/113292 x11        xorg-7.2:  dga(1) kills xorg-server
f ports/113601 x11        x11-servers/xorg-server: fix build on alpha
f ports/114385 x11        x11: x11/xorg hangs on logout when libGL was used
f ports/114818 x11        xorg fails to build on nvidia machine
f ports/114832 x11        portupgrade -f x11-servers/xorg-server fails
o ports/116359 x11        x11/xorg - screen blinks with PCI-E nvidia card and ve
o ports/116421 x11        x11/xdm config file path incorrect (xorg 7.3)
o ports/116476 x11        x11/xdm doesn't sets enviroment variables from login.c
o ports/116551 x11        x11/xorg - Various applications crash the xserver on r
o ports/117195 x11        ix11/Xorg 7.3 dumps core at exit (sig 11)
o ports/117220 x11        x11/Xorg 7.3 crashes wih i810 driver
o ports/117508 x11        x11/xorg 7.2,7.3 i8i0 and intel crash system using Ble

17 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
s ports/73743  x11        XOrg/XFree xauth add/startx problem
o ports/93667  x11        x11/xorg-libraries: undefined symbol in libOSMesa.* is
o ports/94331  x11        x11/xorg: advocating for DRI support for Radeons
o ports/112895 x11        [dri] xorg-7.2 dri with radeon 7500
o ports/113106 x11        x11/xorg - Xorg 7.2 + Mach64 + dri produces error mess
o ports/114827 x11        Xorg server crashes when starting astro/google-earth
f ports/115020 x11        New port: graphics/osmesa - Mesa's off-screen renderin
o ports/115536 x11        [new port] x11/xorg-base port for a minimal X.Org inst
o ports/116386 x11        Update port: x11-drivers/xf86-video-i810 from 1.6.5 to
o ports/116387 x11        [PATCH] x11-servers/xorg-dmx will not link correctly i
o ports/116412 x11        x11/xorg - Screen artifacts with radeon X driver
o ports/116443 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-input-keyboard patch for USB jp106 ke
o ports/116603 x11        x11/xorg server 7.3 hangs up
o ports/116605 x11        x11/xorg: server 7.3 crashes
o ports/116742 x11        the CapsLock Led not indicate status CapsLock Key
o ports/116851 x11        x11-drivers/xf86-video-mga - Xorg 7.3 mga driver fails
f ports/117404 x11        ports x11/xdriinfo missing required dependency

17 problems total.

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