Still having issues with LED lights

Scott Robbins scottro at
Sat Oct 27 11:10:37 PDT 2007

I haven't filled out a PR for this, because it seems as if it's fixed
for everyone but me. :-(

At any rate, running 7.0-CURRENT (with the various issues I've seen on
CURRENT, I haven't upgraded to 8 yet) the latest xf86-input-keyboard,
which has some patches that address the issue (I believe) still haven't
worked for me. 

What does work for me, as I previously posted (though referred to the
wrong file in my post) is the solution presented in post number 13 at

It entails changing line 680 of kbd.c from

if (pKbd->noXkb) {


if (!pKbd->noXkb) {

The post below it indicates that it could cause problems if you're
rapidly pressing capslock several times in a row, (which seems a rather odd
use of capslock, but...) however, as I don't rapidly hit capslock
repeatedly, it hasn't been a problem. 

Comment 17 on that thread indicates it's a wrong solution.  So, though
it works for me, I thought it would be a bad idea to make a PR with

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