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Thomas-Martin Seck tmseck-lists at
Sun Oct 14 12:38:56 PDT 2007

* Florent Thoumie <flz at> [gmane.os.freebsd.devel.x11]:

> vehemens wrote:
>> There were a couple of xorg-server-1.2 keyboard patches (at_scancode.c and 
>> bsd_kbd.c) that might need to be applied in some form to 
>> xf86-input-keyboard-1.2.2.
>> Anybody remember what these were for?
> Dammit, I forgot to git add them...
> Pick up patches in and drop them in 
> xf86-input-keyboard/files/.
> I'm waiting for a "works for me" to commit.

(I am answering to this message; it's the latest I could find regarding
this problem. If there are already better solutions for this I'm all

I have just upgraded to 7.3 as of Oct 13, 2007 on 6.2-STABLE (built Jun
14, 2007). My keyboard is a 105-key PC/AT keyboard.

With the two patches referenced above, xkeyboard now "works for me"
insofar as the functionality of NumLock/CapsLock is now present. The
status LEDs however do not reflect the "status change" of the respective
modifier key.

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