X 7.2 and picture shifted right

Andrew andrew at ugh.net.au
Wed May 30 20:46:22 UTC 2007


I have just upgraded X via the portupgrade to 7.2 (following the 
instructions in UPDATING). I had no notable problems with the upgrade 
however I now find my picture is shifted right by 2 or 3 centimetres (same 
setup was find with X 6.9).

I tried xvidtune to see if I could fix the problem and found that if I 
click "Left" and then "Test" my picture is fixed - i.e. I do not need to 
"Apply". This lasts until I restart X. I tried using "Show" and putting 
the mode line in my xorg.conf but it didn't help - I still need to run 
xvidtune each time I start X to centre the picture.

The monitor is a Sony SDM-M81, resolution is 1280x1024. Video card is a 
Matrox G400. I used Xorg -configure to produce the conf file. HorizSync 
and VertRefresh are commented out (though I tried uncommenting them just 
to see and it didn't change anything I could see).

Looking at the log the only warnings I see are:

(--) MGA(0): BIOS at 0xE1FE0000
Requesting insufficient memory window!: start: 0xe0800000 end: 0xe1dfffff 
size 0x2000000
(EE) Cannot find empty range to map base to
(WW) MGA(0): Video BIOS info block not detected!

I'm running FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE as of a few days ago. Any suggestions would 
be appreciated. I've had a look at the archives but didn't see anything 



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