Never mind i fixed the problem Xorg 7

tech---sub at tech---sub at
Wed May 30 07:05:56 UTC 2007


Never mind i had fixed the problem by
adding the line 

load "glx"

in my xorg.conf file

         you can ignore below if you wish


Enclosed is my xorg.conf file if you
would kindly have a look

After installing FreeBSD 6.2 along with Xorg 7
and Kde aprox 30 to 40 hours

i can no longer run Gl screensavers Nor
Second life chat program which is at

i had never had this problem with the older Xorg

i have my nvidia driver installed
i see the splash screen when i boot up

When i start second life
i get (pop up) window creation error
It tells me this information
as seen below

Error creating window.
2007-05-30T06:20:16Z WARNING: LLViewerWindow: Unable to create window, be sure 
screen is set at 32-bit color and your graphics driver is configured 
correctly.  See README-linux.txt for further information.
2007-05-30T06:20:16Z INFO: remove_marker_file()

This is an ALPHA release of the Second Life linux client.
Thank you for testing!
You can visit the Linux Client Alpha Testers forum at:
Please see README-linux.txt before reporting problems.


Enclosed is my xorg.conf file if you
would kindly have a look

Thank you kindly

heather valentine

heatherval on FreeBSD Forum

Thank You anyways


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