Xorg 7.2, i810, V_BIOS = reboot

Dejan Lesjak dejan.lesjak at ijs.si
Mon May 28 10:16:24 UTC 2007

On Monday 28 of May 2007, Jimmie James wrote:
> After a while (random time) X refuses to release the screen, only way to
> get to a VT is to ssh into the box, and run startx then ^c from within
> SSH, after a few times, X just refuses to start, end of story.
> One has to reboot to reset the V_BIOS, there's not much from google
> about it either, http://tinyurl.com/2ccz2k Results 1 - 10 of 10 for
> V_BIOS address 0x7d8e0 out of range.  They all say the same thing,
> Reboot to reset the video bios,915resolution doesn't help either.
> It happens with, and without GLX / DRI and every combination of the two.
>   Any suggestions?

Try fetching 
unpack it in /usr/ports/x11-drivers directory, deinstall xf86-video-i810 port, 
install this one (xf86-video-intel) and see if it behaves any better.
What happens if you omit Extensions from xorg.conf or entirely without 


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