Future of XFree86

Michael Nottebrock lofi at freebsd.org
Fri May 25 19:40:00 UTC 2007

Today I started out to replace all the old 'USE_XLIB' macros in the KDE ports, 
the Qt ports and all the ports which are in Qt's and KDE's dependency path 
with dependencies on the individual Xorg ports, until it dawned on me that 
this would effectively desupport XFree86.

So, before I go on or throw away all patches I've made so far: Does XFree86 
have a future as a 'supported' X implementation in ports (where supported 
means that certain macros like USE_XLIB work for both Xorg and XFree86) and 
is using direct dependencies on the modular X.org ports desired at all?

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