Bug in Beryl port?

Pierre-Luc Drouin pldrouin at pldrouin.net
Wed May 23 02:18:56 UTC 2007


It looks like that Beryl does not save focus and keybinding settings 
properly or at least does not load them correctly. If I uncheck "Click 
To Focus" and "Auto-Raise", this works for a while, but it stops working 
after beryl-manager is reloaded of the X sessions is restarted. If I 
look at the settings, the two checkboxes are unchecked. I have to check 
the boxes and them uncheck them again to get back the right focus behaviour.

Now the keybinding. I am mapping the "Windows" key of my keyboard to 
Super_L using the xmodmap command "keycode 115 = Super_L" that is loaded 
by my .xinitc script before the window manager. I have tested this 
mapping many times with xev and with keybinding in Xfce and it works 
fine. If I try to use this key for keybinding in Beryl, this works the 
first time, but again it stops working when I reload beryl-manager or 
when I restart X. To get it working again, I have to set the keybindings 
to something else and than set it back to what I want.

I use the exact same focus and keybinding settings on my Linux partition 
and I did not experienced these problems...

Pierre-Luc Drouin

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