New installation of xorg 7.2 from ports

Olivier olivier at
Sun May 20 18:14:15 UTC 2007

----- "Florent Thoumie" <flz at> wrote:
> A fix should be committed to BSD.usr.dist to create the symlink, but
> this won't solve the problem until people upgrade world.

But why should a "clean" system have a /usr/X11R6 at all ? I tried a "pkg_delete -a && rm -rf /usr/X11R6" before installing xorg, and I applied the minor patch in to make xorg-libraries. Now I don't have /usr/X11R6 and all the ports I installed are happy with that. Everything compiled, installed and now run without /usr/X11R6.

FreeBSD can now use xorg modular, and we got rid of X11BASE. Thanks for your great work ! Maybe some ports will be broken without /usr/X11R6, but I'm sure it will be OK in few days/weeks after patchs.

Please keep FreeBSD X11R6-free !


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