X.org 7.2 ports merged into the FreeBSD Ports Tree

Florent Thoumie flz at FreeBSD.org
Sat May 19 20:49:49 UTC 2007

As you may already know, the X11 team has been working hard for the past
few months to upgrade X.org ports to 7.2. After a couple of weeks of
testing, we've finally committed this upgrade. We also decided to make
the PREFIX merge at the same time (moving X11BASE into LOCALBASE), which
explains why there are thousands of ports affected by this commit.

X.org went modular some months ago, which means that rather than
releasing a few distfiles, they now have one per component (app, font,
xserver, ...). What does it mean exactly for the FreeBSD user? Well,
instead of having 5 ports for X.org, you'll have 255 of them? We've
tried to make the upgrade as straight-forward as possible (read
UPDATING) but hey, we're mere humans, we make mistakes. If you encounter
any issue: re-read UPDATING, check the wiki page [1] if it's mentioned
already and if it's not, send a mail to x11 at .

I don't like write long mail so I'll stop here. I'd just like to thank
everybody who tested things, especially those who started using the
experimental git tree back in november cause things weren't that much
stable at this point. I won't give a list of names to be sure I won't
forget anybody, but I'll give a special mention to Kris who has been
spamming my mailbox for months with all the errorlogs generated by all
the experimental builds he has been running. This is a very ungrateful
work but somebody has to do it.

I wish your machines good luck for the next few days, cause they're
gonna need it.

flz for x11 at .

PPS: If things break badly, I'm at the beach, sipping a mojito.

[1] http://wiki.freebsd.org/ModularXorg

Florent Thoumie
flz at FreeBSD.org
FreeBSD Committer

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