x11/luit regression

Rong-en Fan grafan at gmail.com
Sat May 19 17:10:45 UTC 2007


After upgrade to X.Org 7.2, I found three problems with it:

1) can't find locale file
2) could'nt copy terminal settings
3) WITH_SETUID_LUIT knob is gone

The first problem is because we install locale.alias in
LOCALBASE/share/X11/locale. It can be solved by
adding this:


The second one is actually a race in luit, it was fixed
in xorg-clients and XFree86-clients ports. The luit 1.0.2
claims solve the race with a patch from freedesktop bug#
8490. It may work on other systems, but it does not work
on FreeBSD 6.2. I have to use the old fix from x11/xorg-clients
(the file patch-luit.c).

Second, it died with "Couldn't copy terminal settings".
It looks like 1.0.2 has a patch [1] that does not work
properly on FreeBSD. With old luit in x11/xorg-clients
(which is the same as 1.0.1) and a patch in files/patch-luit.c,
it works flawlessly.

Also, WITH_SETUID_LUIT was in x11/xorg-clients, but
now it gone. it should be added back either in x11/xterm
or x11/luit.

A patch for x11/luit is at


I don't like changes in last minutes, so feel free to merge
the X.Org 7.2 first, then address this problem.

Rong-En Fan

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