HEADS UP: xorg 7.2 ready for testing

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at optushome.com.au
Mon May 14 06:53:14 UTC 2007

Some good news and some bad news:

Good news:

Upgrade seems OK on my 6.2-STABLE/amd64 system butI needed multiple
"portupgrade -a" iterations before it upgraded everything.  I think
this is a side-effect of using ports-mgmt/portupgrade rather than

Note that you _must_ rebuild xorg.conf because the xorg modules are
in a different relative location so the /usr/X11R6 symlink isn't enuf.

Bad news:

My very-out-of-date -current system has gotten into a confused state.
Possibly I didn't help by forgetting to disable my automatic port
INDEX build so that INDEX reverted to the /usr/ports one partway thru.
I fixed that and aborted the portupgrade when I noticed but that
was quite sometime later.

I've been trying to recover using "pkgdb -F" but that has reached a
state where it's reporting:
Stale dependency: ffmpeg-0.4.9.p1_7 -> libGL-6.5.3_1 (graphics/libGL):
The libGL build works but then reports that it conflicts with 
xorg-libraries-6.9.0_1.  The latter is still installed in /usr/X11R6
but graphics/libGL/Makefile also reports that it uses X11BASE.

Has anyone got any suggestions before I start editing the CONFLICTS lines?

Peter Jeremy
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